CRC-8 Calculator

The following Java™ 1.1 applet calculates the CRC-8, C(x) = x8 + x2 + x + 1, polynomial.  The algorithm uses a bit-wise calculation that mimics the hardware shift register method.  Enter data in the text field as hex-code, such as, 161216c0e4d2, and so forth.
This applet is compiled using the Javasoft™ JDK1.1.6.  Some older browsers only support Java 1.0.  For optimal viewing, use Netscape Navigator™ v.4.0.6 or later products.  Code version 1.0, November 23, 1998.

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SBS product implementers may use this calculator applet as a development aid.  The product source code is available for free distribution among Smart Battery System Implementer Forum members.  This applet is provided "as is" with no warranties whatsoever, including any warranty of merchantability, noninfringement, fitness for any particular purpose.  No charge may be applied to the repackaging or reproduction of the applet without written permission from Analog Devices, Inc., 1500 Space Park Drive, Santa Clara, California USA.